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In 1946, Sol Bartner started a plastic company, making belts in a small factory in Manhattan. Three generations later Streamline Plastics, based in Bronx, NY,  had become a leading manufacturer of injection molding and extruded plastic components on the east coast, servicing several major industries including point of purchase display (POP), toy, agriculture, and many others.

In early 2017, Streamline Plastics was acquired by Toner Plastics, an integrated plastics manufacturing group headquartered in East Longmeadow, MA. In late 2017 Streamline’s injection molding and extrusion operations were relocated to Modern Mold & Tool and Magnus Molding Pittsfield, MA and East Longmeadow, MA, respectively. All key employees of Streamline Plastics were retained and integrated into Toner Plastics, particularly former Streamline Plastics owners Joe and Stew Bartner, who currently serve as vice presidents of the company’s industrial molding, profile extrusion, and tubing operations.

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